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Serendipity Stables is located on 13 acres in the Murray-Holladay area. It provides a wonderful, natural, and safe environment for your horse with the owner living on-site.


Horses live in small groups in outdoor corrals with options for turnout. They are not standing in a stall.



In the interest of horse safety, we do not use wire fencing. Turnout and pasture are available on a limited basis. Riding is permitted on the premises. We have tack lockers, round pens, trails, small jumps, a galloping track, obstacles, hills, trees, and a seasonal pond and bog.


Although schooling and training are available, Serendipity Stables is not a facility for breaking and training green horses.


For the safety of all who use our facilities, boarders must have a basic understanding of safe horsemanship. This is one-owner, one-rider facility. Owners need to accompany any visitors and visitors must sign waivers to be on premises. All minor children in hand.


Veterinary Requirements

Annual vet checks, shots, deworming, and farrier services are required.



Supplement and trailer storage is available.


Horse Leasing

Horse leasing is available by special arrangement to qualified riders.



Average Horse:  $400/month

Young and Large Breeds:  $425/month

Private Corral:  $450/month

Graining:  $50/month

Supplements:  Owners provide

Handling Fee for Ferrier or Vet: $10

Dewormer:  $10 per Application every 2-3 months

Locker:  $10/month

Trailer Storage:  $35/month

Riding and schooling your horse:  By special arrangement with Sue Hall.


Serendipity Stables

1731 East 4620 South | Salt Lake City, Utah 84117 | Tel 801.277.1602